28 Feb 2008

Lunch as usual

As the clock strikes one (must have been quite some time since someone said that in the current digital age), everybody digs into their bags and takes out their lunch boxes. Everyone (all desis) queues up for the 4 microwave ovens. My gang efficiently blocks the biggest table in the canteen in order to accommodate as many of us as it can.

B had got a boxful of chopped raw vegetable munchies... cabbage, cucumber, carrots and all that healthy stuff.

R: What is all this healthy food about?
B: Balanced diet. Health. Vitamins.
R: Vitamins? Drink beer if you want vitamins.
B: This box here is full of vitamin A and C.
R: A bottle of beer is full of the same. Research proves.
B: Carrots have Vitamin A; good for the eyes. Beer is good for a beer belly.
R: How do you know?
B: Have you seen rabbits wearing specs? You have a beer belly, though.
R: But you have specs, don't you?
B: I am not a rabbit.
R: I am a human, I drink beer and I do NOT have specs. Hence, proved that carrots are good for the rabbit's eyes and beer is good for human eyes.

18 Feb 2008

Neat? Yaa!

Viewed on: 17 Feb 08
Viewed at: Home

Starring: Ranveer Shorey, Neha Dhupia, Naseeruddin Shah, Vinay Phatak, Harsh Chhaya, Iravati, Saurabh Shukla

Similar movie: Mayor Saab (the dubbed version of a Kamal Hassan southie)

Genre: Comedy Drama (yes 50-50) Gangster

The film is about Ranveer, a struggling actor, whose face resembles that of the underworld don. The don is killed by the scheming Naseeruddin Shah and Saurabh Shukla (writer, too). The actor then replaces the don. All those who shoo-ed him in his days as an actor are now afraid of him and obey his orders. In an accident, he loses his memory. He has been made to believe that he is the don himself and so, considers the don's wife and the family as his own. When the rest of the underworld uncovers the truth about the don, (in addition to the end of the comdey in real life) he is confused about what actually is the truth - being a feared powerful laconic don or being the worthless unnoticed junior artist.

Scenes I remember:
  • Ranveer being made to stand in a drum with cement
  • Naseeruddin Shah's red sunglasses
  • Harsh Chhaya yelling at and hitting the doctor for saying that the don is suffering from amnesia
  • The expression on Ranveer's face when he finds no one around and that he can run away from captivity
  • The red and blue pockets on Tinu Anand's shirt

  • Some neat acting.
  • No melodrama. No nonsense. Everything has been kept short and slick.
  • No songs, except for the Neha Dhupia dance number at the start.

  • The film does not really make one think - So, what is the reality? Satya vs Mithya.
  • The feel of the film is quite forgetful as it is neither dark nor cheery nor gruesome.
Recommended if:
  • You liked Waise bhi Hota hai 2
  • You liked Ranveer and Vinay in Bheja Fry


Viewed on: 16 Feb 08
Viewed at: Home

Starring: Ayesha Takiya, Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Irfan Khan

Similar movie: I hear that it has been picked up from some south Indian movie

Genre: Comedy Mystery

The film is about Ayesha Takia, who is a dubbing artist (budding fartist :P ) based in Delhi. She is absent minded to the extent of forgetting things and eventually forgets an entire day in her life. Ajay Devgan plays an inspector who picks up clues to find out what happened on the Sunday that is missing from her memory. Arshad Warsi is a street smart taxi driver-cum-guide. Irfan Khan is a struggling actor and a friend of Arshad's. There is a murder mystery weaved into the narrative, as well.

Scenes I remember:
  • Most of Irfan Khan scenes. They are hilarious. I was almost waiting for Irfan to appear on the scene.
  • Irfan doing the Deewar style - yeh chaabi ab jeb se nikaalunga. Irfan singing 'Allah Kare'. Irfan singing 'Assalaam Waalekum' in the midst of the goons.
  • Ajay Devgan saying "mujhe chu-chaa chu-chaa pasand nahi".
  • Arshad Warsi and Ajay Devgan stunts where the strings pulling them are clearly visible.
  • The crazy-big-eyes expression by Ayesha Takia which scares the hell out of Irfan and Arshad near a cemetry
  • Arshad hits Ajay on the head and the sub-inspector says - dekha kuch nahi hua, yeh hota hai mard... and then Ajay drops down
  • Robin Bhatt (screenplay, too) (I think) as the forgetful doctor

  • Irfan Khan, who maintains a straight face even in the stupidest of the scenes
  • Quite pacy
  • The mystery has been logically maintained
  • A movie to be watched with friends or a group who do not mind illogical whackiness

  • Near the end the director seemed to be confused between the comedy and the mystery element
  • Ajay Devgan looks miscast for the mad-caper

Recommended if:
  • You liked Golmaal (feat. Ajay Devgan and Arshad Warsi, too)
  • You liked Irfan Khan in Metro

17 Feb 2008

My name is Anthony Gonsalves

Viewed on: 10 Feb 08
Viewed at: Home

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves
Starring: Mithun, Amrita Rao, Pavan Malhotra and some new guy

Similar movie: Surya (yea, I had watched that too)

Genre: Bollywood masala

The film is about an orphan with an underworld don for his care-taker. The orphan grows up to be a bar waiter and wants to be a film star. He, however, witnesses a crime committed by the don and is caught between going against his guardian or concentrating on his career in films. His debut film is based on treason of Julius Ceaser and he traces an analogy of the story in the events of his life. Amidst all this, Amrita Rao happens to him for the sake of some songs.

Scenes I remember:
  • Priyanka Chopra in the opening dream sequence saying 'Mujhe bilkul pasand nahi jab ladkiyaan tumhare baare mein aisi baatein karti hai'
  • Mithun taking off his priest's robes and striking a ninja pose... signaling a goon with the middle finger to make his first move
  • Anthony being told 'Tu star nahi ban sakta. tu star kya hero ka friend bhi nahi ban sakta. magar tu ek cheez ban sakta hai'... where Anthony says 'Arre ab bachaa hi kya hai?'
  • A light hearted paisa vasool time pass of a movie
  • Fresh scenes and witty dialogues
  • Good acting by the entire cast
  • A chirpy feel to the entire proceedings

  • Songs. None that I can re-collect
  • Predictable story line

Recommended if you liked 'Dum'