17 Jan 2009


Chandni chowk to China

'China Gate' and '36 China Town' are two other movies that have the name of India's neighbouring country in their titles. Inspite of the big productions for all the 3 movies,they did not hit the mark.
In the January, 2 years back, Nikhil Advani had an equally over-hyped, Salaam-e-Ishq that got criticised and panned down. It was not a bad hindi movie, either.

So, superstitiously, the following are inauspicious for the box-office success of a Hindi movie:
  • combination of Nikhil Advani and a January release
  • 'China' in the title of the movie
Durr ka connections in CC2C:
Rohan Sippy (producer of CC2C) was director of Bluffmaster (2005), which was scripted by Rajat Arora, who also scripted CC2C along with Sridhar Raghavan, the brother of Sriram Raghavan who made Johhny Gaddar, whose background music is done by Daniel George. Daniel has scored for CC2C, too.

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Mithun,

Director: Nikhil Advani

Genre: Comedy, kung-fu action

This is the story of an orphan, Sidhu, who grows up to be a cook at an eatery owned by his foster brother, Dada, in the famous Chandni Chowk. His only skill is chopping and cooking vegetables. An ancient chinese prophecy and mistaken identity lands him in China to face the evil drug lord, Hojo. Dada travels to China to bring back Sidhu to Chandni Chowk, but gets killed in a fight with Hojo and Sidhu only watches helplessly. Chang, who was wronged by Hojo many years ago teaches kung fu to Sidhu and he gets his revenge.

  • Comedy
  • Action by Dee Dee
  • Masala entertainer
  • The first 20 mins makes one expect a riot like the 'Kung Fu Hustle'

  • Deepika
  • Music; nothing worth remembering
  • A predictable 2nd half

Things I remember:
  • The very fresh fight scenes at the Great wall of China.
  • Akshay Kumar says - Yeh chini sindhi kyu bol rahe hai? Dado Hojo!
  • The background music by Daniel B. George (Johnny Gaddaar) seems to be inspired by Nayak nahi (Khalnayak), a song from Drona and the Saw series theme.
  • Bhappi da singing 'India se aaya mera dost'